Nate Diaz says Conor McGregor didn’t beat him

After losing to Conor McGregor by a majority decision last Saturday night in UFC 202, Nate Diaz isn’t in agreement with the judges’ decision in giving the win to McGregor. Diaz says he won the fight, but the judges didn’t give it to him. Diaz (19-11) says he wants a rematch with the Irishman McGregor. He says if it were him that had the fight, he would have given McGregor a rematch.

There’s really not much Diaz can do about it when it comes to him getting a third fight with McGregor. UFC president Dana White has already spoken and he’s not going to let them fight each other a third time, at least not yet. They will fight each other, but it might take a considerable amount of time before that happens. The results of the fight are going to stand, and it’s up to Diaz whether he can face McGregor another time. The MMA world wants the fight, but that’s not big news. The head honchos with the UFC organization are the ones that will decide when and where the trilogy fight between McGregor and Diaz will take place. As for me, I’m not holding my breath waiting for the two to face each other again.

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Diaz said to McGregor: You didn’t beat me.

“Hahaha u didn’t even win,” said Diaz on social media.

“I didn’t think for a second that I lost,” Diaz said at the post-fight press conference.

“By this time last fight I had already accepted (the) rematch,” Diaz wrote in a post on his Instagram account.

“Rest up, I’m coming for you,” said Diaz.

Diaz is pushing hard for a trilogy fight against McGregor. The season five Ultimate Fighter winner wants a third fight with McGregor so that he can prove that he’s the better fighter.

Many MMA fans are totally in disagreement with the results of the McGregor vs. Diaz fight. They saw what happened in the fight and they feel that Diaz was given a raw deal, because it appeared to them that he had done enough to deserve the decision. It doesn’t help that McGregor is the popular fighter of the two. When you see the 28-year-old McGregor getting his hand raised at the end of the match inside the octagon, it leaves one with the impression that the judges gave it to the more popular fighter of the two. As such, it made the fight a popularity contest rather than a fight based on skill and talent.

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It’s not just fans in the mixed martial arts community who feel that Diaz should have been given the decision, many fighters do as well. Diaz had beaten McGregor in their previous fight earlier this year in March in UFC 196. A victory for Diaz in the second McGregor fight would have given him win No.20 of his career. Now instead of getting a victory, Diaz is stuck with a big fat loss, and without a shot at a rematch. When Dana White is ready for the McGregor-Diaz third fight to take place, he’ll give the green light.