Nate Diaz waiting for UFC to ask him about his plans

The recently beaten MMA talent Nate Diaz wants to see if the top UFC honchos will come over to his home in Stockton, California to find out what his future plans are after his recent loss to Conor McGregor in UFC 202 a week ago. Earlier this year after UFC 196, the UFC top executives reportedly checked in on McGregor after his loss to Diaz last March, and McGregor told them that he absolutely wanted a an immediate rematch.

The UFC honchos than gave the highly popular McGregor what he wanted by giving the green light to a rematch between him and Diaz. But now that McGregor has beaten Diaz, it’s going to be interesting to see if Diaz gets the similar treatment with the UFC brass coming over to his place to ask him what his plans are.

“I’m still waiting for Dana [White] and Lorenzo [Fertitta] to show up to my house to see how obsessed I am,” said Diaz to

McGregor was able to complain to the UFC top executives and get his rematch, so Diaz wonders whether the same thing will happen for him. I hope he doesn’t hold his breath waiting for that to happen, because it doesn’t look like he’s going to get a chance to redeem himself. UFC president Dana White has already said that there won’t be a third fight between the two fighters right now.

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It doesn’t mean the fight won’t happen in the future. It’s just not going to happen right now because it appears that UFC star McGregor is going to be pointed in another direction. McGregor is clearly the biggest star in MMA right now. So when a guy like McGregor starts bellyaching about how he’s obsessed with getting a rematch, it’s not surprising that the UFC honchos gave him what he asked for by letting him get an immediate rematch. With Diaz, it doesn’t seem like he has the same kind of cache within the UFC organization. Yeah, Diaz can flap his gums about wanting a trilogy fight, but I don’t see happening.

Diaz was beaten by McGregor by a highly disputed majority decision. If any of the two fights deserved a rematch, it’s this one, because a lot of MMA fans are unhappy with the results of this match, because they feel that Diaz should have been given the victory and had his hand raised. It’s too bad that the match had to end in controversy like this. McGregor should do the right thing and man up and give Diaz the trilogy fight that he’s asking for. I smell fear from the Irishman.