Conor McGregor edges Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor (20-3, 17 KOs) avenged his earlier loss to Nate Diaz by beating him last Saturday night by a five round majority decision at UFC 202 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The judges scored the fight 48-47, 47-47, and 48-47. Honestly, the fight was close enough to be called a draw or a win for Diaz. I don’t know of too many MMA fans that were entirely sure of the results before it went to the judges’ scorecards.

It was a tossup at the end. I thought Diaz had done enough to pull through to get the victory, but obviously the judges saw something in McGregor’s game that made them give him the victory.

There’s already talk of a trilogy between McGregor and Diaz. The MMA fans want to see these two fighters get back inside the octagon to see who the better man is in fight No.3 between them. Presumably, the winner of a third fight between these two fighters will tell the fans once and for all whom the better fighter is of the two.

I personally don’t see a third fight proving anything other than who the better man was in that particular fight. The fans will likely keep pushing the two of them to keep facing each other over and over again. At some point, it’ll be forlorn if they keep fighting each other and the results of the fight are different each time. The good news is they’re both young enough to fight other guys and come back and face each other every once in a while. I don’t think they should fight right away because they need to mix in other opponents so that fans can get a breather from seeing them face each other. It gets redundant after a while when two fighters face each other repeatedly in a short period of time without facing other opponents.

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The 28-year-old McGregor was chocked out in the 2nd round in their previous fight in March of this year at UFC 196. This time, McGregor was smart by limiting the action on the mat. He wasn’t going to let himself get submitted for a second time by Diaz.

McGregor started off well in dominating the first two rounds with his hard punches to the head. However, Diaz rallied in the third round, when he trapped McGregor against the cage and nailed him with some nice shots in the final seconds of the round.