Demian Maia crows about win over Carlos Condit

38-year-old Brazilian Demian Maia is still beaming over his 1st round submission victory over Carlos Condit last Saturday night on August 27 in their fight at UFC on Fix in Vancouver, Canada. The 38-year-old Maia stopped the younger, highly touted Condit with a rear-naked choke in round one at the 1:52 mark o get the victory.

Afterwards, Maia was crowing about the win like a rooster about his big MMA victory over a very good fighter in Condit. Maia wants to take on UFC welterweight champion Tyrone Woodley next for his title. However, Maia will need to wait for the results of Woodley’s match against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson first. After the smoke clears from the Woodley vs. Thompson match, then Maia can finally get his title shot at the UFC welterweight strap.

“I think so. I respect very much Thompson, he’s a great guy. Of course, I’m much older than him so if they could give it to me first, that would be great,” said Maia to Fox Sports 1. “If not, I hope they give (it) to him really fast and they decide and I wait to see who wins the fight.”

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Maia is going to have to wait his turn before he gets a crack at the winner of the Woodley-Thompson fight, because they’re not going to just fight him straightaway. It might be in Maia’s best interest to take a stay busy fight against someone else so that he doesn’t wind up sitting idle for too long of a time. At 38, Maia can’t afford to sit on the sidelines waiting for younger fighters to negotiate a fight and then eventually get inside the cage to fight one another. It doesn’t make sense at all for Maia to just linger waiting for a fight that still doesn’t have a date attached to it. It’s going to be a great match for the MMA fans to see, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon.

“I’ll wait. I can stay active in training and doing my teaching, doing what I do every day,” said Maia. “The guy I fought today is not just a former champion, but he is also a guy that many people including me and I was watching Octagon-side his fight against (Robbie) Lawler and many people including me thought he won and he was supposed to be the champ. So what else should I do? I have six wins in a row and that’s it.”

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Well, the factor of the matter is that Condit LOST to Robbie Lawler at UFC 195 by a decision last January, and it doesn’t matter if the match was a close one or not. What matters is that the results of the fight saw Lawler won. Maia can brag about him beating a guy that should have beaten Lawler earlier this year in their MMA fight.