Maia-Condit does 2.222M viewers on FOX

In a real positive sign, last Saturday night’s match between Demian Maia and Carlos Condit brought in 2.222 million viewers on UFC on Fox in their main event in Vancouver, Canada. Their match didn’t last long though, as the 38-year-old Maia quickly got Condit to submit with a read-naked choke in round one at 1:52 of the round.


Having a UFC broadcast for the MMA fans in August turned out to be a positive, because this month is usually skipped with no fights on Fox until December. It looked like the UFC fans were interested in the Maia vs. Condit contest enough to view it in large numbers.

The ratings for the Maia-Condit broadcast likely would have done far better if they didn’t have competition going on at the same time with the NFL preseason being shown on CBS, because that brought in 4.28M viewers. Trying to compete with football is just crazy, but the Maia vs. Condit match still brought in excellent numbers in spite of the heavy competition that they had.

The Maia vs. Condit numbers weren’t as good as last month’s contest between Holly Holm and Valentina Shevchenko on UFC on Fox on July 23. That match brought in 2.44 million viewers in a five round fight that saw Holm lose by a decision to Shevchenko. The Holm- Shevchenko match had a large peak of 2.98 million viewers. Holm was obviously still riding high with her popularity from her 2nd round stoppage win over UFC star Ronda Rousey from November of last year at UFC 193. You can understand why MMA fans would want to see Holm fight in large numbers after seeing the results of her fight against Rousey. Unfortunately, Holm’s career has taken a downward turn with her losing her last two fights against Miesha Tate and Shevchenko.

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With the victory over Condit, Demian Maia is heading towards a title shot. Maia has won his last six fights since suffering two bad losses to Rory McDonald and Jake Shields in 2013-14. Maia has corrected his mistakes that he made in those two losses, and he’s looked very solid in putting together a string of excellent wins. In fairness to Maia, he should have been given a win over Shields, because he lost a highly disputed five round split decision. The results of that fight could have gone Maia’s way big time. The Mixed Martial Arts fans were in an uproar after the scored were released that night, because they pretty much had made the same conclusion that I did with Maia deserving the win.

Condit never stood a chance with Maia once he got him on the ground, as his grappling skills were far too superior for him to survive for long once he got him on the ground. Maia quickly got Condit to submit with a beautiful rear-naked choke at 1:52 of the 1st round.