Georges St-Pierre says he’s not under contract with UFC

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre says he’s a free agent and that his contract with UFC has ended. According to St-Pierre, the UFC failed to meet a deadline to offer him a fight. He was in negotiations with the UFC for a fight, but nothing came of it.

There was supposed to have been a match against Robbie Lawler, but he was unable to fight due to him coming off of a loss and needing time to recover.

The UFC is reportedly saying that St-Pierre is still under contract, so it’s unclear which of these two is right. St-Pierre is going to test the waters by likely joining up with another MMA organization. If the UFC is correct about them still having St-Pierre under contract, then they might try and stop him from fighting.

St-Pierre said this to about his belief that he’s no longer under contract with the UFC:

“You heard it right,” St-Pierre said. “I’m a free agent. At least I’m a free man. Now, I know I’m free. I have other options. I’m not caught up legally with a contract. I’m a free man.”

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Whether St-Pierre is under contract or not with the UFC, it’s debatable how much he has left in the tank at 33, and after having been out of the sport for three years. St-Pierre last fought in 2013, and the sport has changed a great deal in the last few years. Even if St-Pierre had stayed active all these years, he’d likely have been replaced by someone by now. 33 is ripe age for MMA, and it’s questionable whether St-Pierre would be able o still get the same results now that he did years ago, because the sport has changed with different fighters.

With all the time out of the cage that St-Pierre has had and with his advanced age, you have to wonder why the UFC is even bothering in wanting to keep him. It might be better off letting him go, because the chances are that it’s not going to end well for him.

“The reason I wanted to go back and fight is because i feel right now that I’m at my best,” St-Pierre said. “I’m truly confident I can beat the guys that are champions right now. I’m that confident.”

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St-Pierre has never been much of a puncher during his career. He would be really up against it if he were to take on some of the best fighters in the UFC or even with some of the other MMA organizations. I think it’s going to end badly for him once he gets out there and attempts to do what he hasn’t done for the last three years.