Pitbull’ Freire suffered a broken right fibula in Ben Henderson fight

Last Friday night’s fight for Patricio “Pitbull’ Freire was a costly one at Bellator 160, with him reportedly bring his right fibula in his 2nd round injury stoppage loss to 32-year-old Benson Henderson on August 26 in Anaheim, California. The 29-year-old Brazilian Freire, a natural featherweight, was competing with the larger Henderson in a fight at lightweight at 155lbs after having put on weight to take the fight. Henderson is a former UFC and WEC lightweight belt holder.

“Unfortunately I injured my leg in the first round,” Freire said on his Instagram. “I was still able to fight for half of the second but I felt the bone move. I was doing really well, confident and winning the fight. I’ll be back soon.”

It was an interesting fight for the MMA fans to watch while it lasted, but unfortunately Freire’s injury kept his match against Henderson from living up to the huge billing that it had. The results of the fight didn’t tell the fans whether Henderson was the better fighter. It just showed that he was able to break Freire’s leg with a kick. That kind of thing could happen to any fighter. It’s just one of the negative occurrences that happens in the MMA sport when a fighter gets kicked in any part of their body by someone as powerful and as well trained as Henderson.

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The injury to Freire is said to have occurred in round one after Henderson kicked him with a front kick. To Freire’s credit, he continued to fight despite the injury for the remainder of round one. In round two, the fight was halted at 2:26 due to Freire being unable to move around the ring. He was clearly hobbling and favoring the injured leg.

It’s unknown when Freire will be able to come back from the broken fibula. An injury of this nature will likely require an extensive amount of time for it to heal properly. Once it’s healed, Freire will need to strengthen the limb with weight training to build up the muscles in this area enough for him to begin competing again. Freire will likely lose a lot of muscle strength in his broken leg while it’s immobilized in a cast. There’s no word whether Freire will need surgery on his leg or not to repair the problem. That would potentially complicate matters in Freire being able to return soon to MMA. The results will stand as a loss for Freire, and it doesn’t appear that Henderson will bother giving him a rematch. He’s already thinking of moving past the Freire fight to face a different opponent for his next match.

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Henderson will be facing Michael Chandler next in Bellator competition on November 19 in San Jose California. This was Henderson’s first win since joining Bellator.