Dana White willing to give Greg Hardy a chance in future

If ex-NFL football star Greg Hardy is able to prove himself on smaller shows in MMA, he could get an opportunity in the UFC, according to UFC president Dana White. Right now Hardy still needs to prove himself before he can get a shot. White isn’t going to hold the 28-year-old Hardy’s checkered past against him in terms of domestic charges.

Hardy surprised a lot of MMA fans when he recently revealed that he wants to take up the sport and ompte in the UFC. However, there’s a long ways for him to go for him to get to the UFC, and he’s getting a late start. Many of the athletes that compete in the UFC come from wrestling backgrounds in the U.S, and in the MMA backgrounds from other countries like Brazil. Hardy doesn’t have the experience. In college, Hardy competed in football, track and basketball. He wasn’t a wrestler.

White said to the FS1’s Speak for Yourself about Hardy:

“I’m one of those guys too who believes that we’re all human beings and we all make mistakes, and when you make a mistake, you pay your penance, whatever it might be, and you should be allowed to make a living and move on in your life. Is he good enough to come into the UFC and fight? I highly doubt it. I’ve been playing football for a couple weeks too, maybe I’ll try out for the (New England) Patriots?” White continued, laughing. “It takes a little bit longer than that, but he could fight at one of these small shows. We’ll see how he looks, and I don’t know.”

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Right now it has to be seen as a pipe dream for Hardy to think he can take up MMA and fight in the UFC after just several months of training. He would be a sitting duck out there against even the marginal contenders of the sport. About the only chance Hardy could have is if he can develop a great stand up game in a hurry.

If Hardy is athletic and shows hand speed and punching power, then he could get the better of a lot of the MMA fighters in the UFC from wrestling backgrounds. The wrestler types are terrible stand up fighters, as they fight like apes without skills much of the time. Hardy might be able to excel immediately in the stand-up part of the MMA sport, and get good results.

“I’m not saying he should be welcomed here, but I’m saying I’m a guy who believes that if you make a mistake, your life isn’t over, go kill yourself or something,” White said. “You made a mistake, you pay for it. When you make mistakes, it’s all about how you act from there on out. How do you handle yourself after that and what do you do to fix it.”