Conor McGregor: Who’s next?

MMA star Conor McGregor will be dropping back down to featherweight to defend his UFC title against a still to be determined opponent for his next fight following his narrow five round majority decision over Nate Diaz in their rematch at UFC 202 on August 20. McGregor got tired after three rounds against Diaz, and was barely able to fight hard enough in rounds four and five to get the win.

I personally had McGregor losing the fight, but I’m not surprised that he was given the win. Just based on being the more popular fighter, I think this counts for at least two rounds right off the bat. I think Diaz was already trailing by two rounds the moment the contest started. The fact that Diaz was able to make it close shows you how good of a fighter he is. The results of the McGregor-Diaz fight has left a sour taste in the mouth of a lot of MMA fans, because they’re now complaining that their sport is becoming like professional wrestling in some ways with popular guys getting the nod over less popular fighters

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It’s likely that McGregor will need to defend his featherweight title against Jose Aldo next if he wants to keep his strap, but you never know. I think at this point, McGregor can do pretty much whatever he wants. It no longer matters whether he keeps his featherweight titles, because he doesn’t need titles for him to get the attention from the fans.

The titles are mere trinkets for adornment the 28-year-old McGregor. I don’t think the MMA fans care too much about what title McGregor has in his possession at this point in his career. The fans just want to see McGregor fight, and they of course are concerned with the results of his fights.

Here are the options for McGregor’s next title defense for his UFC featherweight title:
Jose Aldo

Frankie Edgar

Max Holloway

Ricardo Lamas

Cub Swanson

Daniel Straus

Patricio “Pitbull” Freire

Charles Oliveira

Dennis Bermudez

It remains to be seen whether McGregor will be able to make weight to defend his UFC featherweight strap. If not, then so be it. I’m sure he won’t lose any sleep over the matter. It’s going to be hard for McGregor to lose the weight to squeeze down to featherweight, because he’s getting older, and his body is changing. I don’t know if McGregor will be able to defend his title successfully if he’s weight drained. He’s already fading quickly in his fights after two or three rounds. If he’s weight drained, it could hurt him even more.