Conor McGregor suffers foot injury, will be out six months

Conor McGregor put in a great performance last Saturday night in defeating Nate Diaz in UFC 202 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately for the 28-year-old McGregor suffered a left ankle injury that will keep him out of action for six months while he heals. The Nevada State Athletic Commissions has McGregor listed as suspended due to his ankle/foot injury.

The suspension will be up on February 17, 2017. However, McGregor could compete before than if he receives clearance by an orthopedic doctor, but the earliest he can return from his injury suspension is October 20.

The injury that McGregor suffered appears to be self-inflicted due to him kicking Nate Diaz’s legs when he was approaching him. While the kicks worked to slow Diaz from attacking all out, it led to McGregor suffering a fracture of his own leg. Diaz still was able to put pressure on McGregor even with the kicks coming fast and steady.

McGregor may have come into the fight with the injury, according to CBS Sports. McGregor already had the problem.

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For his part, Diaz suffered a cut over his left eye during the match, which has led to being given a one-month injury suspension. It’s interesting that an injury as bad as a cut is given only a one-month suspension but an ankle injury could be a six month thing. Diaz can come back from his suspension next month on September 11, but he can’t fight until September 20.

McGregor won the fight by a five round majority decision win. Earlier this year, Diaz defeated McGregpr nu a rear naked choke hold in UFC 197. That match was arguably more exciting than last Saturday’s fight unfortunately. This was an interesting MMA match for the fans that showed up to watch it live in Las Vegas. It was nice for McGregor to get the results he wanted in avenging his loss to Diaz from earlier. It’s just too bad he was injured in the process.

UFC president Dana White says McGregor and Diaz won’t be fighting in a third match anytime soon. Instead of them facing each other for a trilogy match, McGregor will be moving back down to featherweight to face Jose Aldo in order to keep from losing his strap by getting it stripped from him.
“We’re definitely not doing this a third time right now,” said White to

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As for McGregor fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be happening. McGregor is interested in taking the fight, but he’s got commitments to the UFC. It’s unclear when/if they’ll let him take part in another sport. McGregor’s MMA fans might be interested in that fight, but it wouldn’t be fair for him because he wouldn’t have clue one how to box.