Bisping wants Weidman

The smoke hasn’t cleared yet for who UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping will be defending his title against next, but he’d like to face former UFC middleweight belt holder Chris Weidman if he gets his way. Weidman, however, needs to get past the tough as nailed Yoel Romero on November 12. Bisping might also end up facing the winner of the Luke Rockhold vs. Ronaldo Souza fight on November 27.

Bisping, 37, is the better striker than Weidman, and that could give him advantage if/when the two of them face each other. The 32-year-old Weidman is coming off of a recent 4th round knockout loss to Luke Rockhold at UFC 194 in December of last year. That loss snapped Weidman’s winning streak since he started his MMA career in 2009.

A lot of UFC fans were beginning to think the unassuming Weidman was unbeatable. He may well be when it comes to his grappling prowess. But as Rockhold showed, Weidman is very vulnerable in the stand-up position if you let your hands go like he did. Before that fight, Weidman had faced a lot of guys like Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, who stood around and waited too long rather than jumping on him and looking to get him out of there.

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Bisping said to MMA Hour at this about Weidman:

“Obviously it’s got to be one of the big contenders next. We’ll see how the chips fall regarding their fights. I think I’d like Weidman, to be honest. If Weidman could get past Romero, that’d be a fight that interests me. Well, business-wise, nobody really cares about Luke Rockhold. Unfortunately, business-wise, nobody cares about Chris Weidman either, so I don’t think either of them really make me that much money, unfortunately.”

Bisping already beat Rockhold by a 1st round knockout last June a UFC 199. You could understand why Bisping wouldn’t be bothered to fight Rockhold again, because he already got positive results from the last time he fought him.

Bisping will be back inside the octagon in February or March 2017 to defend his UFC middleweight crown against one of the big four contenders for his thrown. It could very well be Weidman if he wins his next fight against Yoel Romero on November 12. If not one of them, then it could be the winner of the Rockhold vs. Ronaldo Souza fight on November 27. Those are two very good fighters. Bisping would have his hands full in facing either of those guys.

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Bisping has been taking a lot of heat from MMA fans and from the fighters over his controversial five round unanimous decision win over 46-year-old Dan Henderson earlier this month on October 8 at UFC 204. A lot of people were displeased with the results of that fight, as they felt that Henderson had done enough to deserve the win. Bisping isn’t too happy with all the yapping from the people, so he’s hoping to shut the mouths of some of the fighters that have been talking trash about him, one of them being Weidman.